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You have an interest in technology and furniture. Would you like to help ensure that consumers can buy safe, high-quality furniture and that furniture manufacturers and producers of furniture supplies can draw attention to the exceptional quality of their products?

If so, DIM Rosenheim is just the place for you. At DIM Rosenheim, careers develop in a new direction, namely upwards. We are a highly competent, interdisciplinary team which has more to offer than other employers: more opportunities, more challenges and more advancement paths. We are constantly looking for highly-capable people who make a big contribution – and have high expectations.


At DIM Rosenheim, we offer career opportunities for graduates and people with professional experience. You can launch your professional career here or take advantage of the advancement opportunities.

We rely on the skills of our staff, because professional expertise is what gives us a competitive advantage. At DIM Rosenheim, we work as a team, giving everyone enough space to make the most of their abilities.

We know that standing still is not an option. You want to remain one of the best in your field, and we can offer opportunities for your professional and personal development.

We will keep you moving forward by assigning you challenging tasks as part of a team which gives you the support you need. The contribution you make here is based on your expertise, your personality, your communication skills and your ability to work in a team. In return, you work as a member of a highly-skilled, interdisciplinary, dynamic team, and you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by DIM Rosenheim.

We know what you want, and we offer it. Tell us about your skills, your previous experience and your expectations. We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

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