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You are nearing the end of your course of studies, and you now face the final hurdle. You have to show once again what you have learned and apply this knowledge in a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. At DIM Rosenheim, you have the opportunity to do this in partnership with a company and apply what you have learned in practical application.

Writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis is a big challenge. You must really concentrate, conduct extensive research and put this newly acquired knowledge down on paper in a scientific text which can be quite theoretical. If you want to add a degree of practical relevance to the theory, something which is undoubtedly important, you are potentially a suitable candidate for a mentored Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at DIM Rosenheim. Our experts will gladly share their knowledge and help you with questions related to your thesis.

No openings in the thesis program are currently available. We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application. Please tell us about your preferred field or topics, what degree course you are enrolled in and what time frame you have in mind.

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